Green Thumbs up for AppleCheeks!

Why cloth diapers?

That’s an excellent question!

After reading the “why page” in AppleCheeks’ brilliant site let me give you a synopsis:

Well, first of all You are saving 300 lbs of wood (That’s because it takes that many trees to produce enough diapers to throwaway-diaper one child)

You’re helping to slow the growth of our landfills. In Canada only,  they throw out 4 million diapers PER DAY. Do you dare to make the calculations for the entire world?

You’re helping to reduce the amount of waste that sits in a landfill. In ideal conditions it would take 250 – 500 years for a single throwaway diaper to decompose. The conditions in our landfills are unfortunately not ideal, so decomposition takes much longer than that, even.

Your cloth diapers will last you through two to three babies, at which point they can be used as cleaning cloths. After that, cut them up in small pieces and throw them in your compost and they can be helping to fertilize your garden the next year! 

You are saving a TON of money: From the moment she is born until 30 months of age, your baby will go through approximately 5400 throwaway diapers.

This can cost you anywhere from $1500 – $2500.

BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE WATER? Concerned about the amount of water you are consuming by choosing to wash diapers instead of throwing them away?

Even by washing every three days, you are still consuming considerably less water than it takes to produce the diapers you throwaway.

Also, they have a Washable Swim Diaper which is a super soft, super cute swim solution!

Added to all these they look SO cute!

Wanna see them? they are here!

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